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Cristina Trujillo
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Event Partners Are Your Event Sponsors We are all too aware of the benefit of having an event sponsor. They pay money to be associated with your event. The benefit to the sponsor is that they are placing their brand, product, or service in front of your audience. They will pay for this access and… Read More »Landing the Perfect Event Partners and Sponsors

people gathered, event buffet. -- GetFound Events for New Business Locations, Startup, and Promotion

Building a Team and Professional Brand As a local small business owner, you need to connect with different industry professionals to build your team and professional brand, find new customers, seek reviews and testimonials. Promotional events allow the community to get to know you, create opportunities for you to develop partnerships, hire employees, offer samples of… Read More »GetFound Events for New Businesses, Startups, and Promotions

events for weddings, birthdays and other celebrations

Events from Workplace Gatherings to Neighborhood Yard Sales Planning a special occasion of any kind takes time and effort. If you want to do it right, you’ll start with a list of things you need before you even begin. This probably means tackling the list between work hours, school schedules, and family chores.  What if… Read More »GetFound Events for Weddings, Birthdays, and Other Celebrations

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Holiday Events, COVID and 2021- What to Expect Overcoming and Adapting to Change. 2020 Has Been a Difficult Year In a year so crucial, an election year our world faced a national crisis, a world-wide pandemic. Outrage and Cries of “Enough is Enough” reigns throughout the minority communities. Social Justice and Political Bias became a hot… Read More »How Do I Keep My Family Safe This Holiday?

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smooth round colorful shapes with wavy edges

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