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3 Reasons You Should Prioritize Building Community Over Going Viral


The online world is filled with content. There’s an endless stream of videos, blog posts, and social media updates to consume every day. In such a noisy environment, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle and feel like your voice isn’t being heard.

The pressure to “go viral” can be intense, especially if you’re just starting out online. But the truth is, building a loyal community is a far more valuable goal than going viral. Here’s why:

  • A community is more likely to lead to sustainable growth.
  • A community is more likely to generate revenue.
  • A community can provide support and feedback.

Building a community may not be as flashy as going viral, but it’s a much more effective way to grow your online presence in the long run.


What is a community?

A community is a collection of people who have a shared goal or interest that they come together to pursue. It’s a way for like-minded individuals to find each other and come together to pursue their collective goals.

A community can be virtual or physical, formal or informal, and can involve any kind of topic. Communities often form around topics like music, art, food, or sports. There are also online communities for entrepreneurs, health and fitness enthusiasts, gamers, writers, and so on.

At the heart of a successful community is a focus on building relationships. By forming meaningful connections, members of a community can support and encourage each other, share resources, and help each other grow.

Going Viral

Importance of Community

Having an engaged and passionate community can be one of the most influential elements in any business or organization. Here are some of the top reasons why it’s so important:

1. Provides Valuable Resources – Communities can be a great source of insight, resources, and support. By joining a community, you can learn from other’s experiences and get guidance from more experienced individuals.

2. Gives You a Competitive Edge – Strong communities can help set you apart from the competition, as they can increase trust and loyalty among your customers.

3. Increases Brand Visibility – Communities are an excellent way to get your brand seen, as members of the community will share and promote your products or services. This can help further establish credibility and trust.

Building a community is an essential part of any successful business model. It can help you stay competitive, increase trust in your brand, and provide valuable resources. Investing in building community is an essential part of any long-term success strategy.


Reasons to prioritize building a Community over going viral

Growing a passionate and engaged community should be the priority for anyone looking to establish a successful online presence. Here are four more reasons why prioritizing community over “going viral” is the right move:

1. Quality Over Quantity – Building a community of engaged and passionate people will lead to better long-term results than simply chasing short-term “viral” success.

2. Aligns Your Goals – Having your own group of dedicated members gives you the ability to create content tailored to their interests. This way, you can provide them with content they want to see, creating a better user experience and improved brand loyalty.

3. Engagement Over Reach – A passionate and engaged community will keep customers coming back for more, creating greater brand loyalty and ultimately leading to better results.

4. Can Open Doors to More Revenue Opportunities – Not only can a strong community be a great source of marketing insight, but it can also be a great source of new revenue opportunities. By investing in building up your community, you can put yourself in a prime position to take advantage of these opportunities.

There’s no disputing the importance of having a strong community over trying for “viral” success. Investing in building a community should always be part of any successful online strategy.


Engagement Over Reach

You can’t go viral without a community

It’s true – you cannot go viral without a community. To go viral you need to have people who are passionate about your content and who are willing to share it. Without a passionate and engaged community, it is very difficult to get your content seen and shared by others in the wider community.

Building a community starts with providing quality content and engaging with users on a regular basis. As your community grows, it’s important to continue to provide content that resonates with them and topics they would be interested in. It’s also important to foster a sense of belonging and inspire the community to take action.

Sharing communication channels with members of your community is also essential. Utilizing forums, social media, and other digital platforms is a great way to engage with users and get feedback.

At the end of the day, it’s all about providing quality content and engaging regularly with users in order to build a strong community. Doing so will not only improve your chances of going viral but it will also help strengthen your overall online presence.


A community will keep you sustainable

Having a community is the best way to ensure your content keeps engaging and resonating with audiences. A community is a great way to keep your business sustainable, as you can keep your content relevant and largely influenced by what people are asking for.

If you are able to establish a community that is made up of content creators, vloggers, and influencers you will be able to keep your content ahead of the trends and really address the pain points of your audience.

You can also leverage the power of a community to get further engagement on your content and increase the chances of it going viral. People are much more likely to share content when they are part of a community, as they’ve built a connection and relationship with it.

Having an engaged community will also help you understand what content resonates with them, what topics and stories you can explore, and how you can measure the success of your content. People within a community will also be more willing to provide feedback; this valuable feedback can help shape the direction and strategy of your content.

At the end of the day, your community is the foundation of your content, so prioritizing building community is key.


A community will give you feedback to improve

Having a community will give you invaluable feedback. When you have a connection with a community, you can rest assured that honest feedback will come your way. You can build trust within the group, and they will be open to telling you what they like and what they don’t like with unrestrained honesty.

It is also likely that once you’ve built up a relationship, they will be open to sharing ideas or wish lists of sorts. As they get to know your brand, they will think of topics to explore or ideas to pursue, ideas that you may have not even thought of yourself.

With the feedback you receive from your community, you can create better content and products. Whether it means making changes to an upcoming piece or even just getting a better idea of what topics to cover in the future, your community can help you develop better content that resonates more with your desired audience.

In the end, building a strong community and valuing their feedback is key if you want to remain successful in the ever-changing landscape of content.


GetFound Free Community Building

It’s safe to say that when you prioritize building a community over trying to “go viral”, you’ll find success and have a happier, sustainable audience.

Giving your audience quality content, connecting with them on an authentic level, and actually listening to their feedback are all keys to building a successful and thriving community.

Going viral may bring in one-time viewers, but a community provides lasting relationships that will help you continue to succeed over the long term.

All things considered, it’s clear that building a community should be a priority over trying to “go viral.” Invest the time, energy, and effort into creating a loyal group of supporters and you will be rewarded many times over. Join getFound Events today and start building a community around your business.

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