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Planning a special occasion of any kind takes time and effort. If you want to do it right, you’ll start with a list of things you need before you even begin. This probably means tackling the list between work hours, school schedules, and family chores. 

What if you could go online instead to GetFound Events and search for vendors who have the party supplies on your list or planning experts who can completely take over? We offer choices in one convenient place. Our community is filled with families and like-minded people looking for reliable vendors who can help pull off a truly unforgettable celebration.

Getting married? 

Preparation usually starts weeks or months in advance. It’s easier when you use GetFOUND Events to shop and compare local vendors and services without leaving your home. You’ll cut down the time and costs for planning with a single source for supplies, freelance professionals, and local experts to:

  • Design announcements and invitations 
  • See pictures of venues before visiting
  • Get help with decorating ideas
  • View menus and images of prepared food
  • Listen to music or watch clips of entertainment 
  • Review professional photos and videos taken at events
  • Compare costs for tent, chair, and table rentals
  • Look for spa services 

Planning a birthday? 

Your community members include other families, friends, and neighbors, along with vendor profiles that explain products and services with reviews and recommendations from those who have used them. From a child’s birthday party to a best friend’s surprise celebration, determine your budget, then shop and compare: 

  • Cakes
  • Balloons 
  • Decorations
  • Flower arrangements
  • Character actors
  • Games

New to Your Community? 

It can be even harder to plan an event if you’ve moved to a new area or are a single parent with a tight schedule. You’re not a fan of big-box stores and don’t know which local stores have the things you need to fit your budget. At GetFound Events, you can meet other busy families and evaluate local business owners or freelance contractors online in a safe community space. Members guide you with ideas, reviews, and recommendations. By the time you’re done collaborating, you’ve built relationships with and found valuable services you can rely on in the future.

How Do I Start Networking and Connecting?

  1. Register at GetFound Events to get to know your online community and discover how families, single parents, freelance talent, specialty contractors, and local small business owners help each other.
  2. Search for resources for weddings, birthdays, holiday gatherings, retirements, and anniversaries, such as: 
  3. Invitations
  4. Room and table decorations
  5. Flowers
  6. Catered food and drinks 
  7. Photographer/videographer
  8. Party favors/gifts for guests
  9. Cakes
  10. Entertainment (DJ or live)
  11. Reservations and accommodations at venues
  • Select vendors by pricing or category and message them with questions about products, services, or customer reviews. Your vendor will contact you for details on the event, activity, or service you need.
  • Pay to vendors directly within the GetFound Events marketplace. 
  • Promote your event to a growing online community or share custom invites privately. 
  • Use event and guest management tools to collect guest emails and thank them for attending, invite them to your next celebration, and have them join your GetFound Events community. 

GetFOUND Events is uniquely created to help you plan personal or professional events with access to other families, individuals, and vendors in a simpler way. Your event could be a neighborhood yard sale, community service program, or a family reunion. It may require babysitting services to free up time or a handyman to prepare a venue. Every member has a unique way of offering value to the community.

No membership fee is required to create an account or search our vendors. Tools can track event guests for liking, sharing, or commenting on events. You can review vendor products and services to help others find high-quality party accessories or professional planners.

Join our community and start networking. 

Create an event and begin your event promotion journey. 

Apply as a vendor and start booking, selling, and earning more clients.

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