How Do I Keep My Family Safe This Holiday?

Holiday Events, COVID and 2021- What to Expect

Overcoming and Adapting to Change.

2020 Has Been a Difficult Year

In a year so crucial, an election year our world faced a national crisis, a world-wide pandemic. Outrage and Cries of “Enough is Enough” reigns throughout the minority communities. Social Justice and Political Bias became a hot topic, with activist leaders working harder than ever to promote change through education and awareness.  The Black Lives Matter protest sparked many conversations and some marketing slander. Social Distancing and mask wearing has become a normal way of life for many and shall remain so for at minimum at least the upcoming year.

As we prepare for the upcoming year and reflect on the events of this year, we are all ready for this pandemic to end. Yet we must stay vigilant and even though it pains us we must refrain from large events, encourage our loved ones with health issues to attend celebrations virtually and limit the length of our gatherings.

Covid showing lasting effects on children’s mental health via @nbcnews 

Family during the holiday

Holidays and Events 

Tis’ the season to celebrate and spread love, not germs and COVID.  With that in mind we encourage you all to consider small gatherings in open well ventilated spaces.  Folks with compromised immune systems or who have been recently exposed or are currently unwell should join virtually to any events.  The CDC recommends that you follow your local city, state guidelines and laws regarding events in addition to standard COVID precautions.  We advise you continue wearing your mask and social distancing during events indoor or outdoor continuing through 2021.

Be Prepared and Stay Safe

New vaccines are being released and after only nine months.  While we will soon have access to a COVID vaccination, this is not a greenlight to just go back to the way things were.  Primarily because admittedly this vaccination was “rushed” and many things are still unclear, including how long the protection will last, if the vaccine is safe for 0-4 year olds, and many more questions.  

Black nurses on why communities of color are hesitant about Covid vaccines via @nbcnews 

So while we will hopefully soon see a reduction in COVID cases, it is hard to believe that by next summer we will be back to “life as usual”  As the doctors are unsure if you can still spread COVID even after being vaccinated

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