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We Are A Community Marketplace for Events

Professional Networking and Connecting with GetFound Events 

Marketing Freelance Jobs and Side Gigs 

Looking to promote your new or existing freelance gig, side hustle, or contracting business in the local community? Entrepreneurs are seeking new ways to creatively market themselves, gain customers, and support their families. The solution is getFOUND Events, a community marketplace, and a resource to grow and expand your business.

Build a business profile on our unique platform designed with everything needed to promote small businesses and events to new and existing customers. Advertise your products, services, and events, build partnerships with other vendors to reach new customers and expand your services. 

Introducing a new business

Marketing a new brand, product, or service starts with getting to know the local community. GetFOUND Events helps you connect and become more visible and accessible to the people who need your services, including:

  • Friends and family
  • Parents
  • Other businesses 
  • Vendor resources looking to collaborate 

Our Mission is to help you raise brand awareness, increase community engagement, and reduce marketing cost.

Planning a promotional event 

Find vendors that can help you plan a grand opening, a new marketing initiative, promote employee gatherings, or network with other business owners to get brand exposure and collaborate on ideas. GetFOUND Events helps you with everything from finding a venue to taking care of details like:

  • Cakes
  • Balloons
  • Decorations
  • Flower arrangements
  • photographers
  • Entertainment
  • Giveaways

You can design and target invites to your entire social network or keep your party private, invite-only. Encourage community members to share posts about your business events and provide reviews for services. You can use the tools on getFOUND Events to offer online bookings using a calendar attached to your business profile. Manage your marketing events, earnings, and reviews with a dashboard that tracks and displays your activities.

Getting started in the community

Register your free getFOUND Events account to join one of our established communities or create your own private community! Your profile makes it possible to brand and promote yourself and your business. You can invite your friends, family, and clients to join your community and discover how you can support each other as freelancers, contractors, and local small business owners.

  1. List your services by pricing or category and contact customers directly with details on events, activities, or services – be sure to display any required business licenses.
  • Start advertising to new customers, promoting your brand, products, and services.
  • Find resources for your business events, such as: 
    • Invitations
    • Catered food and drinks 
    • Photographer/videographer
    • DJs or live artists
    • Reservations and accommodations at venues
  • Promote your business events to your entire online community or share custom invites privately. 
  • Collect member emails using GetFound Events management tools to thank guests for attending, provide updates for future promotions, and invite them to join your GetFound Events community. 
  • Contact members directly and chat in real-time with questions about services or customer reviews. 
  • Track customer payments integrated with your marketplace account. 

Membership is free; you’ll only be charged fees for transactions between members that result in business. 

Networking, attracting clients, and referring other vendors 

The getFOUND Events community marketplace allows entrepreneurs to connect with vendors and clients through their custom branded online profiles. Your profile permits you to sell products and services by making your business and events visible to your customers and colleagues thus, they can get to know you and your business better. Communities simplify ways to share marketing and event updates via posting articles on the blog or creating custom invitations and advertisements.

Starting or maintaining a freelance gig, side hustle, or contracting business takes time and energy. Using getFOUND Events as your go-to resource makes it a whole lot faster and easier to connect with like-minded people.